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What do the members have to say?

"You are so gorgeous. I loved this set! I can't wait for more"

"Absolutely beautiful and the quality is amazing!!!!!"

"I want to eat ice cream in bed with you!"

"I want a scoop or two of Sauda"

"Yes! Such a fun - and delicious - debut! Awfully happy you're a GodsGirl! :)"

"Your debut set is incredible! I am so happy to finally see your first set. The anticipation has been killing me!"

"Sauda, you have made today so much better. I love your choice of attire, gotta love that corset. You are a delight, my dear! OXOX"

"*sigh* every time i think that i couldn't love you any more...
...you prove just how wrong i am!"

"Beautiful set! I LOVE the corset! You definitely look sexy in these pics. AWESOME! :)"

"Very seductive"

"I LOVE corsets and you rock the hell out of it!! Beautiful! :)"


"I love this. You are so gorgeous :)"

"i am in love with how you used split frames in some of the photos. Sauda the SWEETHEART"

"lighting + posing + you are totally having fun = the most perfect set. and goodness gracious you are beautiful!"

"Pure, undeniable sex appeal in every shot."

"Another amazing set Sauda. Exquisite and unbelievably sexy as always. You always make my heart skip a beat ;)"

"graceful & gorgeous."

"I can hear the bum-bumpa-bum of the drums and brass band. And now I know what was behind those pesky feathers."

"omg, I love this so much! The color of the feathers against the paleness of your skin is perfect!"

"What a gorgeous set! Love your close ups and how colorful this is. Mwah!"

"You are mighty easy on the eyes, my dear. I love the vivid color in this set, too. I raise a glass to you! Cheers! oxox"

"oh gosh your legs! please serve me tea in this exact fashion so that I can die happy"

"oh man your abs are amazing!"

"Wow, I love this set! Adore the outfit, and the camera pov! You are always a delight, Sauda! OXOX"

"Gorgeous set, Sauda. Not a bad shot in the bunch. Especially like the shots from below and the smiles."

"Two photos in and I think I might be in love. Yup, definitely in love. :)"

"such a fun and sexy set! also, you have such a gorgeous figure and beautiful face, wowwww"

"Oh, my, how wonderful to see a new set from you, Sauda! And this one is all kinds of lascivious sexy gorgeous! OXOX"

"Ohhhhh my goodness I have so many feels when I look at you. I want to serenade you with sexual tunes and buy you chocolates."

"you managed to turn up the volume, raise the stakes, and completely take me by surprise. that's hard to do...you gots skills!"

" Beautiful & brilliantly shot!
I love the title, too, haha. Classiest buttplug set ever."

"gahhh your figure, those looks, those books... ahhhhhh **swoon**"

"I LOVE THIS. Electricity is a huge kink of mine. So glad you used it in this set! So sexy. "

"so amazing. This set is beautifully done. New favorite"

"This set is so gorgeous. You are amazing, Sauda!"

"Sauda! Omg! This set is my new religion!!!!!!"

"Wow, Sauda...this is exquisite. Frankly, it's a bit breath-taking. Absolutely love it!"

"This set is a dream come true, a dream I didn't even know I had. Your sets are always so incredible!"

"*GASP* this is so scandalous and you are so beautiful"

"I love this!! You are such a babe! So happy to see a new set from you. <3"

"Love the set and location. Beautifully captured."

"You look amazing and the concept was an incredible idea. Excellent piece of work."

"I simply LOVE this Sauda! Delightfully salacious as ever, and the idea is right up my alley! I love abandoned places that have a particular aura about them."

"SOOOOO creative and sensual, with a bit of a cheeky wink w/ that one pic of the blue keyhole & sneaky peek puss. The blue looks astoundingly gorgeous on you. The stockings are fantastic. Another new fave!"

"I love the concept of the set and you look absolutely amazing! "

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What is GodsGirls?

Godsgirls.com is an alt porn/alt erotica site with a lot of amazing, 100% exclusive pictures, that you can't see anywhere else. The ladies are very lovely; some of them have tattoos and piercings and rebellious haircuts. It also features a community set up to act as a place for the wonderful sort of people who might subscribe to the site to get to know one another. The name 'GodsGirls' references a song by L.A. band Scarlet Grey called 'God's Girls'. It's about those dream girls that you just can't get out of your head.

What are the photosets like?

GodsGirls allows models to get as explicit as they want. Don't worry, the hardcore sets are stamped with warning labels. Yes, some girls will show you their sex toys. Yes, I am one of those girls.

Most of the media on GG is DIY - the girls are photographing themselves and each other. Thus, the content is hyper personal and self directed. You'll see a wide variety of sets: those that are so polished they shine as if professionally produced, and the spontaneous with a gritty feel - as if she took these on a whim just for you. Become a member and comment on the photosets because that is what makes naked girls on the internet happy.

What is this Purgatory?

Our brilliant model coordinator sorts through the model applications and brings our members the best of the best in Purgatory. All of the applicants in Purgatory submit photos, a video, and fill in a questionnaire. Our members vote on the girls they want to see as GodsGirls.

It's always a respectful process and we love giving members the power to choose who they would like on the site. We also censor all nudes submitted by applicants before they are posted to Purgatory, in order to protect our applicants privacy.

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