August is always a busy month for me. This year I'm playing just as hard as always, being sure to take the time for myself. Last week I was hanging out at the Greenhouse again, playing with the cool kids of Kiss Kiss Cabaret. I adore doing those shows, and hanging out at Kelsey's Bar afterward. Twice now I've had the good fortune to be cast alongside Ammunition. She is inspirational and oh so lovely. If you've somehow missed her among the scene, you've gone too long without so get out and see her! Ammo's website:

I'll be on holiday, traveling the country until into September. The only work I intend on doing while I'm out is for Suadela Intimates. No show dates, sorry. The time will be devoted to enjoying all life has to offer, and looking for inspiration and rejuvenation. Soaking up the sun while it lasts is the best way to start a kick-ass fall. That's exactly what I've got planned, too!

I'm very fortunate to have the most amazing friends at the World of the Weird Monster Show! Comedy night in Wilmette, with Undead Johnny and Prof Mindwarp, is exactly what my weekend needed. Our next Friday Night Monster Cast is less than 2 weeks away! Friday, August 26th log on to to see WOWMS's long awaited Night Train to Terror episode, as well as Cthulhu and CYPHAN footage. All the fun starts at 9pm EST! If wifi on the road allows, I'll pop into the live chat on the Monster Channel to say hi and see how everyone is liking the epic episode!

Come September, here are your dates to remember: Friday, September 9th is Lincoln Fair at Lincoln Tap Room with Vaudezilla. Friday, September 30th is Broadzilla at Exit by Vaudezilla. I'm already booking dates for October through the end of the year, too! Hopefully I'll have a new Suadela appearance in November, more details as that gets closer. For a complete list of shows, burlesque and otherwise, as well as random appearances, go over to my calendar on the contact page.

Ah, the smell of homemade pasta sauce and garlic bread is wafting through my kitchen. Time for dinner! :)

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