Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, I've been up to a hell of a lot. I took off some time for personal reflection. I needed to center my mind and focus on where I've been and where I want to go in this life. Taking stock of blessings and accomplishments can help me create and/or reaffirm my goals. A special thanks to everyone who loved and/or commented on my third set for GodsGirls, Hit the Sheets.

The day-to-day has been very full of less than glamorous tasks. I'll spare you the details. Much of it has to do with real estate. I'm not relocating outside of Chicago, just into a dwelling more suited to my needs. Lots of things must fall in place, in order, and this is causing me some serious anxiety. This means I'll be slowing down modeling and burlesque over the summer. Although this is the opposite of what I'd like, sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Slowing down or not, there is still little to no rest for the wicked. Here's a recap of new sets I've had published on the internet at large:

Scarlet Seduction

Scarlet Seduction by Syzygy on Zivity.

A Rose in Black Lace

A Rose in Black Lace by ScaredyLion on Zivity.

Game On by Anthropix (AmandaTea) on Zivity.

Game On! by Anthropix (aka AmandaTea) on Zivity.


Bibliophile, a self-shot set by Sauda Namir, on Zivity

As always, check out my Zivity model page for all the details about bonus content. Bibliophile has the distinction of being not only my first self-shot set for Zivity, but also the first set with a super sensual VIDEO incentive.

A Rose in Black Lace was shot in a downtown Chicago highrise. I love the feel that ScaredyLion captured. His eye for color and composition are brilliant. Both Game On! and Scarlet Seduction were shot at the Allerton, during an aforementioned massive shoot party. I accomplished editing and publication of one of the sets I shot that day, with RiverSong. The set was titled Plush Romp, and I'd love to hear what your impressions are! I'm always looking to improve my shooting style. Isn't she a babe?

Plush Romp with RiverSong

I also had the extreme pleasure of standing in as a prop for Bella Bathory's stunning set, Nurse May.

Here is a photo I took, that is part of a larger set. If there are enough photos when all is said and done, it may well become my fourth GodsGirls set. Or maybe a follow-up Zivity selfie set. Keep an eye out for word on where this one will land. :)

Teaser Sample


In my other getting naked job, I had high times at Fierce! The first international queer burlesque festival, held in Columbus, Ohio. One of the sparkly local ladies took myself and my roadtrippin' pal in for the duration. We knew we were in the right place when greeted with the Pride flag, a glittered front walk, and a unicorn with a rainbow in the yard. I couldn't have asked for a better place to call home! Jezebel Jinx is a total sweetheart, and I cannot wait to see her again!

She also had a home full of adorable cats and new [week old!] baby kittens. The one on the left is the new mama, the fluffy one on the right was a love bug, and the little black one on the right is named Salem. Salem was a hilarious bundle of energy.

Night one of the festivities was held at Bossy Grrl's Pinup Joint.

The lineup was stellar, and the decor was pretty rad. I wanted to run off with this smutty table.

My bestie performed that night. It was an act I love to bits. The music is a great mix of songs having to do with money. The costume is really creative, and I'd wished so hard that I'd had the foresight to bring my good camera. As you can see in the photo, the floor is all pennies. It would have made the perfect backdrop for some sexy pinup shots.

The soundtrack to my night weekend was provided by Cherry La Voix.

After the show, many of us headed around the corner for some pizza.

I like this place for a lot of reasons. Firstly, I consumed the tasty morsels every night I was in Columbus. It is my theory that this pizza has magic anti-hangover properties. I found these to be most useful. It aided in my functioning on very little sleep, as well. Secondly, they have the best sense of humor. The pizza boxes threw me into a giggle fit. Because I'm childish.

Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, the owners are amazing human beings. They're not only capable of making magical pizza, they're genuinely decent people who stand behind their values. By that I mean equality, acceptance, and homo-loving. As the story goes, a couple of guys were holding hands while waiting in line for the order window. Some homophobe, also in line, hassled them. "Nobody wants to see that!" and the like. Ew. So the dickbag gets his turn at the window, only to be told to go away. No slut sauce for you. Mr. Homophobe. The gays apparently tweeted about the experience, the story went viral, and was picked up by Huffington Post. Soon after, local amazebot drag queen, Nina West made a video about the story, and the fabulous pizza joint.

To get the whole multimedia experience, I watched Nina's video on my cell phone while eating at Mikey's with Valentine, Juicy D Light, Miss Indigo Blue, and Tigger! There may be nothing sexier than a queen of burlesque going to town on chicken wings while glittered out in her sequin gown. Night one was magical, to say the least.

Day two was another level of sauceome. Valentine and I went all over Columbus thrifting. There was one place in particular that really made me want to spend all my money. Flower Child had everything I'd ever wanted. If I had U-hauled it home, I could have furnished my whole house. Instead I just got a couple sexy vintage dresses.

That night's show was over-the-top amazing. The headliner was Tigger! and he completely blew me away. It was like going to gay, naked church. This burlesque festival was the things that my dreams are made of. Valentine and I were not performing that night, and we took the opportunity to vend. Our shop, Suadela Intimates, is available online at Etsy. When she travels the country, she often sets up a vendor's table. I was happy to represent the shop with her in person, and Suadela Intimates was a proud supporter of the first Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Fest. Our table was looking extra hot, as Miss Indigo Blue had us sporting souvenir pinups for her.

Saturday, Valentine and I took in a couple of classes. The first was with Ace Falcor, who happened to be staying at the same home we were. The class was titled, “Queer Bodies, Queer Activism and the Art of Radical Self-Acceptance.” Ace runs an incredible Tumblr that EVERYONE should check out. A historian of queer burlesque, she gives voice and record of burlesque through the queer lens on We had a really wonderful discussion about what it means to us to be queer, to show our queer bodies through burlesque, and the meaning behind all we do - including our participation in a landmark festival.

Fonda Lingue

Fonda Lingue (left) and Ace Falcor (right)

The second class we attended was Fonda Lingue's “The Art of Getting There” workshop. I swear to you, I'm dumbfounded as to how one creature can possess such strength and grace in a single movement. I not-so-secretly wish she were based in Chicago rather than Atlanta; studying with her for even a fleeting hour was eye-opening. With over twenty years dancing in the big-time ballet, an inner beauty to match her stunning looks, it is easy to see why they call her The Diamond Dame. She really is one in a million!

After classes, we met up with a pal from Chicago and two from St Louis outside the studio. They were discussing lunch plans with Tigger! and Tea. All of us went for saganaki and other delectable treats at the Goody Boy Diner in Short North. It was relaxing and wonderful to spend time with such good folks. I got to know Tigger! a bit better, and got another lesson in just how small a world we live in. Chicago is his hometown, and through a strange turn in conversation, I discovered not only is his sister a midwife --- she has checked my uterus. Not going to lie, that pretty much made my afternoon. I also learned more about Tea from Bloomington, IN. She's a real treat, and apparently learned a lot about hoop-tease from my pal and model, Lula Houp-Garou. Cards were exchanged, I scrawled across the bill, and ran out of there to make my show call.

Saturday night I had the distinct pleasure to perform at the Wall Street Nightclub in downtown Columbus. Don't judge a book by its cover. Or do. I love these off-alley steel door type speakeasies.

Here's the only performance photo I've gotten back thus far.

There are photos of most all the acts that night on Burlesque Bitch. If I were to get into every specific act, I'd be here all week trying to invent words to describe them. I cannot express enough gratitude to Viva Valezz! for bringing this to life. The event was seriously life changing and affirming in a way that I will cherish for the rest of my days. If you weren't there, I'm sorry. The takeaway here is this: go to Fierce! next year in Madison, Wisconsin! It has been established time and again, how much I love Madison audiences. Columbus, you were wonderful to me, and you'll always hold an adjacent place in my heart to Madison. <3

On the way home, the Chicago caravan stopped in West Lafayette, IN for dinner. Thanks to Jenna Dalgety, Tamale Sepp, Mae/Spiffy Kins, Valentine, and Rosemary Maybe for the laughs and love. xoxo


Upon my return to Chicago, I've been playing catch up. Mostly connecting with friends and flirtations. My play partner took me out on a fancy date to a tea tasting. This is right up my alley, and even more so his. We had a fabulous time, I learned so much about tea, and even went home with a new set - complete with adorable short'n'stout pot.

Last week I was happy to get back to my D&D game. I left for Fierce! at a bit of a cliffhanger, and was very excited to enter this new dungeon of trials. My character is intensely fun to play. The Bard I play with is a new daddy to a beautiful little gal. So, like you do, I made him a gift for the new princess.

As promised on my Twitter account... the big news of this past Monday.


I have the outline completed of my very first tattoo. Go big or go home, I say. It is a cameo garter piece. It holds a lot of meaning, for a lot of different things in my life. The combination of all of these into one wonderful work of art forever etched into my body, makes me intensely happy. I'm sure that I'll have share worthy, smut-tastic photos of it to share soon. <3

That's all for now. bed.

All My Lust,


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