Tomorrow may be the first day of spring [for us in the northern hemisphere] but it is Thursday I'm looking forward to! My third GodsGirls set debuts that day! I'm very excited to see how this one be received. I shot it in my hotel room while on location filming the movie Dig Two Graves. I did not bring my light kit, so I was working with available light only, and it was a fun challenge. I hope you all enjoy the departure in the camera angles, as well. All in all I consider it a successful experiment. As a photographer I'm still developing my style and voice, as a model I feed on the dynamic I have with my photographer, and so when I shoot a DIY set it is a whole different adventure! I've yammered enough. Here are some teasers:



On a more somber note:

Let me take a moment to say that I'm grateful for each and everyone of you who reads this. Everyone touches another life in ways they generally take for granted. Some of you are artists I adore for their minds, work, and spirits; others are fans that I could not continue to do what I love without the support of, and any of you could be pals I chit-chat with on the regular. Thanks for being a part of my life.

This all seems rather reflective, and there is a very good reason why. You never know when you won't be afforded another tomorrow. Such is the case for a dear friend. Affectionately known as Foxy Goat, she was an artist and designer of beauty, effervescent personality, and smut lover. Two weeks ago, she was brutally murdered. Her friends set up a Fundly in her honor, to crowd source a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of her killer. As of this week an arrest was made, and a suspect has been charged. I am not a praying person, but I wish with all my heart for justice to be swift. Our hearts need healing, and I'm blessed to give and & receive the support of this family of surviving friends and loved ones. If you wish to look further into her case and come to know the beauty she bestowed our world in her short 33 years, visit


I have relished every moment of a recent opportunity to play photographer for five - yes, five! - gorgeous ladies. On my Zivity photographer profile, Namir, these lovely ladies will be showing up soon: River Song, Amanda Tea, newcomer Josephine Shaker, Bella Bathory, and Cruel Valentine. Not only do I have a new set in the queue for Valentine, we just had a set released on her birthday. It is titled Birdsong, and celebrates the seduction of a proper glove peel.

On my Zivity model profile, Sauda, several new sets are due to be submitted. The most recently photographed two are as follows. Anthropix, aka AmandaTea, is working her magic on a set for the Geeky Gamer Girls prize. On the other side of the spectrum, Syzygy and I are at it again! This time we shot for the Nines to Nude prize, with a set titled Scarlet Seduction. I'll have teasers for these shortly. While we're talking about prizes, I've submitted Obsession to the Panties Panties Panties prize. Not only is it still one of my favorites, I'm also reissuing the outtakes as voting incentives. Details can be found on my website. No membership to Zivity needed, since you may unlock and vote on sets à la carte. Although, if you'd like a free trial, just drop me your email and I'll hook you up with even more hot naked chicks. In fact, many of the same gorgeous faces as you see around these parts! :)

You made it this far. Have some tits.

from the photoset Obsession.


Pretty much all I've done for the past month is overwork and underplay. I have binged on Archer both on Netflix, and snatching up a season pass on iTunes for the current season. I'm almost caught up! Which, since I don't have cable, I am never ever current on anything that isn't network television. Let me qualify that further, I'm never caught up on anything that doesn't star Nathan Fillion. (I'm a huge Castle fan!)

The last batch of purgatory girls were fierce! Congrats to all that got shiny new model profiles. I can't wait to see all the debut sets. Speaking of, the few we've had recently are stellar. Am I alone in thinking that the site as a whole is on an upswing? Maybe I'm just in heat. ;)

Six weeks to go until I travel to Ohio for the burlesque festival. I'll be rehearsing and upgrading my costume between now and then, and not much else in the burlesque life. I cannot wait to see the headliner of my set, Miss Indigo Blue, perform. She's a goddess. Not to mention the headliner for the night prior, Tigger! the godfather of boylesque. My heart is skipping a beat just thinking on it.

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day and Pi[e] Day, to those who celebrate such things. The former was toasted with Bailey's. (I don't do green beer. Ew.) The latter was indulged with french apple and french silk pies. Nom!


Until next time, be well and be kind. All my lust, -Sauda

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