I don't even know where to begin this post. I have so much to tell and so much of it exciting. One thing at a time, I suppose.

Firstly, I have a kitty snuggling at my feet, a warm ray of sunshine cascading though my window, and a refreshing homemade berry smoothie at my lips. Perfect blogging position. Never mind the hamper of laundry waiting to be dealt with, no, responsibility can wait a brief time in the name of relaxation and contentment.

Now that the serene scene is set, you can appreciate how deliciously hectic the last few weeks have been. I am still hard at work on my yet-to-be-properly-announced costume for an act which will probably not debut until sometime next year. I had wanted it done by fall, but there is no rushing a good thing. My sewing machine is more or less a paperweight now, so I will brag about having finished a substantially long French seam by hand. I must say I'm feeling very accomplished over it. Progress has been intermittent mostly due to - very welcome! - interruptions by orders at Suadela.

We're cooking up dozens of new surprises at Suadela (http://suadelaintimates.etsy.com) for the winter season. Right now you can check out some dazzling additions. Our Halloween stock is back and fierce! I'd like you to help me welcome a bevy of beauties now modeling in the shop. Lula Houp-Garou (http://www.lulahoupgarou.com/), Trixie Sparx (of http://vaudezilla.com), and Red Hot Annie (http://redhotannie.com) have lent us their exquisite talents. Annie has even launched her very own Signature Collection Pasties. She is the first in a line which will feature a burlesque performer modeling her own unique design for purchase. I couldn't possibly have kicked off such an endeavor with more glitz and glam than Red Hot Annie... She really makes the wieners boil! Speaking of too-hot-to-handle; Kriss Abigail of Vaudezilla is responsible for the fabulous photos of our newest models. See for yourself what magic she's capable of on her website http://kriss-abigail.smugmug.com.

Since I can't possably have Kriss Abigail at my beck and call 24/7/365, I've invested in my own photographic knowledge. I hope that working with a touch of studio lighting will help not only my eye in the lens, but also transfer to my own better modeling in front of the lens. After a period of experimentation with my new equipment I hope to submit a self shot photoset to Zivity. If all goes according to my devilish/outlandish plan, I'll be able to afford a shiny new camera in the not-too-distant future.

---15 minutes later due to drooling over camera models online---

Ahem. Other stuff.

Shows in the coming week! I am hanging out with the crazy kids of Kiss Kiss Cabaret on Friday the 14th. Not your usual fare, the month of October is a spooky, sparkly romp. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so I'm really looking forward to this one. The next night I'll be entertaining at a private event that is already sold out. Talk about a weekend to look forward to! I'm hoping to see lots of familiar faces at the KKC show, so mark your calendars!

Speaking of Halloween awesomesauce, I'm going to be filiming for World of the Weird Monster Show this week. We're gearing up for a LIVE double feature event at the Wilmette Theatre in Wilmette, IL on October 28th. If you're local or in the Chicagoland area on that date, be sure to get your tickets! If you're not able to attend the LIVE event, don't fret. You won't miss out on all the fun, because we'll be broadcasting portions on MonsterChannel.tv!

I'm still glowing from my fan dance debut last week. I have big plans to build on this act, but I feel the foundations are solid. Vaudezilla's Broadzilla (the burlesque beast) was a total blast. Video from the show is available now.

I think my laptop is about to force shutdown, so that's all for now! xoxo

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