As November comes to a close things naturally get more and more hectic. Schedules get fuller and to do lists get longer, yet there is less and less daylight. If only I could put more hours into a day! This week is no exception; my performance life is clashing with my everyday life. The struggle for supremacy rolls on until I figure out how to be in two places at once. Holiday festivities abound; I can't wait to see you locals, and wanderers, soon!

Suadela Intimates has more holiday surprises coming soon. The newest exciting addition has been the Spiral of Sparkle sequin pasties in a vast array of colors. These beauties are hand sewn from edge to tip and feature fantastic canvas backing. They seem to be very popular looking at the number of favorites they've gotten so quickly! No sense keeping it under wraps any longer, dear readers... Suadela will soon be a website unto itself, and not simply a redirect to the shop on Etsy. I hope you'll be just as excited as I am to see this next step come to fruition.

This Friday I'll be at the Greenhouse Theater Center with the Kiss Kiss Cabaret at 11pm! Come see my newly improved holiday act. I promise you it will not be Santa Baby - although that is one of my very favorite holiday songs. No, this is far more divine, in a Miss M way. And if not for me, come for Tito Bonito, the Cuban Missile Crisis! That's a guarentee for fun and frolic right there, yes sir!

Modeling is on hiatus for the moment. My incision from surgery earlier this year is still healing. Until it fades a bit more, I'm afraid it is a post production headache best avoided. Nothing new on that front aside from my profile on Model Mayhem. Overdue, eh? Feel free to check that out if you like, since I have nothing terribly current to entice you with.

Made room in my freezer for my newest toy: the KitchenAid ice cream maker. I'm quite excited to make my own ice cream in any flavor I dream up. I'll be very happy knowing exactly what goes into it. Previously, my favorite ice cream brand was Bryers, since the ingredient list is all easily pronounced. Maybe I'll blog about my first creation with it. I thoroughly enjoy tackeling new culinary challenges. My vegan cupcakes, and other vegan adventures all turned out pretty well. We'll see how pulling a 180-degree turn into dairy treats goes. Why start this now, and not wait for summer? Isn't winter cold enough? A perfect time to start to be sure I don't over indulge. If that answer isn't good enough for you, then by the time summer rolls in I'll have the hang of it. If that doesn't grab you, then I only have two words left for you: hot fudge.

Until next time, loves. xoxo

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