Many thanks again to Vaudezilla for inviting me to Broadzilla at Exit. It was so fun to dance in the city again. It is a whole different crowd to the shows I co-produce in Wilmette. Apples and Oranges. I can't wait to see the video that was produced. I danced a completely new number for the occasion instead of trotting out an old favorite. I have big plans for some upgrades to my old costumes, but I digress. If you weren't part of the crowd that saw "In These Shoes?!" in the waining hours of October, I'm sure I'll find another occasion to perform it again. Or if you're in a far flung corner of the world, just wait for the video.

Speaking of video, I've added an archive of all the numbers I've performed or guested in which were filmed. You can view these all on Vimeo; the channel is Sauda Namir. Filmed performances are just never the same experience, it can never do the feeling of the piece justice, but it is oh so nice to have. Much like actors watching their own work, it can sometimes be painful to see yourself dance. But I think that is an important part of the process of growing as a performer. If you don't agonize over all the itty bitty flaws in a debut of a number, you can't iron those things out in the future. If you don't appreciate all the serendipitous moments in a first time out, you can't recreate them in future. And it is those things that often inspire whole new numbers, moves, or concepts. For others in the burlesque community, it is a handy tool to learn and to aid in the careful selection of music. For the rest of you, it is just a great way to get burlesque on demand.

Next on my list of public appearances is a show TOMORROW at Roscoe's in Boystown. 10 pm. Be there. Another whole new number is on the way, and it isn't my usual fare. I love the tune I'm rocking, but most of my solo acts aren't this... dark. :)

Until next time, poke around here, and be sure to check in with my shop on Etsy to see all the new wares. You never know what you might find for your special someone for the upcoming holidays. It also happens to be the gift that keeps giving, since my birthday is rapidly approaching; I love making breasts even more beautiful.

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