I'm running out the door in a few minutes to go back to the old homestead for the holiday. I'll be back in time for a New Years Eve Eve show. So come out and see me. I've never been asked to do this show before, and am looking forward to a cheering/hooting/cat calling section. wink

The amazing Ron Fitzgerald will be the MC for the evening. I had the great pleasure of meeting him at the Chicago Horror Film Festival. He and Kitty Zombie hosted the zombie pinup contest that I was drafted to judge as a representative of High Voltage Burlesque.

Possibly the same day I'll invade Frederick's of Hollywood at Woodfield Mall to take advantage of their Superstar Sale. A girl simply cannot have enough frilly, shiny, glittery, ultra sexy underthings. This goes beyond addiction.

The first thing on my plate for January is delivering the pasties I made for Viva La Muerte to wear in her remount of The Wall. They are, as of yet unfinished, so I can tell you how to make the hammer logo in pasty form. Step 1: make Pokemon Balls. Seriously, until I do the hammer embellishment detail, that's kinda what they look like!

I'm also making her brick wall pasties, but those are double secret - only revealed to the public in all their glory in show. Suffice to say they are epic and required some light engineering.

After I get that far, I'm working on a brand spanking new number to debut at HER HRC, an all women event for ladies who love ladies. Calling all gay/bi/queer/pansexual/rainbow women! Check back soon for more details.

I'll wrap up next month with a show for Vaudezilla, and will oh-so-soon be able to reveal the hatchling of a plan involving Chicago burlesque producer, Red Hot Annie!

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