I've been so very busy! Most of the work I've been up to lately is for Zivity. Since last I wrote, I've shot with Sopho Studio (Syzygy) twice, SoBelleImages on two occasions, and the fabulous SNS Photo again. There are so many great prizes running on Zivity right now, too. For those of you unfamiliar, prizes are set themed contests which are set up by members. Here you can fill out a short form to set up your own prize. Now, onto those sets that have kept me so booked up!

The first set that I shot with Syzygy was for the Heritage prize. We teamed up for Gaelic Belle, because I wanted my French-Irish heritage to be captured by an all Irish photographer. I simply adore baking! So I grabbed my les cerises cookbook, and made my favorite cupcakes. Irish Carbomb cupcakes. The batter is so delicious, I couldn't resist a taste while the cupcakes baked. For fans of the set, I'm happy to offer the hi-res copy of the published set, a "Lap It Up" outtake mini-set, and the recipe for Dark Chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Jameson icing. A super fan in the lower 48 states? I'll send you a handmade cupcake as a thank you for your support!

View Gaelic Belle now. Not a member of Zivity? No problem! You may now unlock individual sets for only 2 votes - that's just $2! When you simply can't get enough, you can always upgrade to a membership to unlock all the sets on the site. ;-)

Next, my pal Syzygy and I headed upstairs to the best shower that I have ever had the pleasure of. It is a fabulous custom set up with two shower heads producing plenty of pressure. The cool glass bricks felt simply wonderful on such a hot summer day. Finally, we turned up the heat and took a mini-set through the steamed up glass (which is available to fans). Oh, just have a look at this teaser for Room Enough For Two, and then go see the whole set.


Part of the reason I love Room Enough for Two so much is because of the door to diversity it opened. I hadn't showcased a darker side of myself on Zivity before. I'm continuing that trend in showcasing different aspects of my personality. Next up is a vibrant photoset which takes a very striking look at my fetish side. It was shot by the incomparable SNS Photo. He's a real gem to work with, and has a very keen eye for this sort of style. If you're on FetLife, you may find me there too. Just let me know how you found me, when you go to friend me there. Have a peek at Strapped by SNS Photo:


Then I got to meet a super duper cutie pie of a model + photographer in one adorable package. She goes by SoBelle - with good reason! Cruel Valentine and I drove downstate to meet up with her, and take a couple of really fab photosets. We all hiked up a trail, stumbled upon a mossy stone bench, and shot Nerdy Nymph. This is my love note to all geeky gamers out there. It is grounded in the costume and character of my White & Nerdy burlesque act; my debut and still a favorite! We both thought the set was so revealing to my personality, we submitted it to the ViewBugs Celebration of Female Beauty prize.


This set led to the next one. SoBelle and Amarena invited Cruel Valentine and I to their hotel room, while they were in town for Wizard World. When the four of us got together a pillow fight ensued! The result was Slumber Party, a fan exclusive set. Details on how to unlock it are on my Zivity wall, as well as in the gallery section along with this preview:

Slumber Party with Amerena, Sauda, CruelValentine, and SoBelle

Most recently, I had yet another photoshoot with Syzygy. We collaborated for the From Socks To Stockings prize. This one is already near and dear to my heart. I truly love legwear, and it took me a while to choose exactly which style to sport in this set. I often wear stockings and a garter belt, but this one I wanted to make unique! Waiting to share this with you is so difficult! As soon as I have a photo from the set to share, it will be up in my gallery.

In non-Zivity related news, I've joined up on Crushee. It is a super fun, innocently flirty site. Despite all my friends telling me to join OK Cupid, I'm just not sold. Crushee is nice because it isn't about dating. It is just about meeting people and having lighthearted good times.

Come September, I'll be heading back up to Madison, WI. Geekesque Burlesque II will be the event of the fall. I've got two acts up my sleeve, and neither are to be missed.

Before I wrap up, I want to let you all know that Vaudezilla is up to its old tricks again. That's right! Rollin' outta Here Naked: A Big Lebowski Burlesque is back! And this time, Suadela Intimates is a sponsor of those shananagains. Get out and see it during this year's run. You can thank me for the referral over a white Russian. ;)

So many new projects are on the horizon. Torture to keep my lips sealed for now. So now I'm going to enjoy this episode of The Twilight Zone going in the background, and then hit the sheets. Goodnight sweethearts!

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