Hello kittens! How has everyone been? I'm so happy with how all my projects have been evolving, and the multitude of brilliant new opportunities that have presented themselves!

Let me begin by telling you all that I don't have words for how incredible Geekesque Burlesque II in Madison, WI (presented by Dane101 at High Noon Saloon) was. I piled in the car with three of my fabulous burlesque buddies (Cruel Valentine, Red Rum, and Rosemary Maybe) for the drive into picturesque Wisconsin. By slightly bending the laws of physics, we managed to get all our show gear into a compact car. I met some of the most amazing fans up there. Nothing makes me happier than dancing such a fun show for a geek crowd. I brought my Inara Serra [Firefly/Serenity] act, which went over extremely well! Valentine and I also got our groove on as robots. She rocked the Rosie Jetson look, and I became Bender B. Rodriguez. Here are a couple of photos:


After that the weekend was a blur of great booze (mostly cider), naked hottubbing until after dawn, and huevos rancheros brunch. Another huge thank you to all of the people associated with the production and success of the event. I can't wait for the next opportunity to visit!

There is so much epic news on the Zivity front! Strap yourselves in for this! Firstly, "Gaelic Belle" is now an award winning photo set. Syzygy and I are extremely proud of this tribute to our roots for the Heritage Prize. A huge thank you to Madame Elaine for setting up the contest, and drawing so much out of the artists. I was inspired (more on that later). Here is a teaser from the set, which is visible to members of Zivity or may be purchased a la carte by unlocking it for $2! (And those $2 are converted into 2 votes, which means you're directly supporting the photographer and myself in addition to Zivity. So support the art you love by voting!)


Hoping for a repeat performance *fingers crossed* Syzygy and I collaborated for two more Prize Contests. The first was From Socks to Stockings, for which we went out into the woods to create "Guilty Pleasures." The name came from the first book in a series that I love, the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels. (If you want sexy vampire books, skip that Twilight bullshit and read these instead.) I'm reading Burnt Offerings in the set, because there is a hot pair of gams on the cover. No detail went unplanned. Even my undies have retro prints of Frederick's of Hollywood ads with stocking clad ladies on them. I am sporting some of my favorite unusual legwear, as well.


After showing off my gams, which I feel is my best asset, I decided to feature my bum. There just so happened to be a prize for this too! So "Shake Your Tail Feathers" was born for the Butt Of Course contest. I'd surely appreciate the support on this one! My outfit is actually a costume from one of my burlesque acts. I love the feathers gone crazy in this set, and the punch of the colors. The outtakes and too-hot-for-Zivity incentives are pretty fabulous too. I want to share them with you! Details are on my Zivity wall. :)


So that's about all there is right at this moment on the Zivity front. I'm in the process of booking more shoots, which is thoroughly exciting. So many ideas for sets are swimming in my mind. I'm currently #134 of all time most popular models (out of 2,000+) and I'd very much like to break through to the top 100. I can only make my goal with your support. If you love the teasers I post, please have a gander at the whole set. Leave me a note and a vote if you love it. Then stay for the full experience.

I'm also a Zivity photographer, which basically means I'm surrounded by beautiful women taking their clothes off --- you know, more than usual. I've recently shot sets for Dahlia Fatale, Bella Bathory, and this sweet gal pal of mine. All those teasers are coming soon! Right now, my most recent set was for the Just Dessert prize with Cruel Valentine. God bless her slutty mouth. It was a really bright and colorful high concept shoot. Both of us are bored with dessert themes that always seem to end with chocolate syrup and whipped cream smeared all over hell's half acre. Even though this set contains no nudity, I feel it achieves a profound sense of intimacy and erotica. Here's a peek:

Oral Fixation with Cruel Valentine on Zivity

Remember how I said Madame Elaine inspired me? Well, that's true about a lot of things, but specifically inspired me to create a prize of my own! With my Namir profile, Suadela Intimates is proud to sponsor a Perfection in Pasties contest. Here is a link to the prize page. I can't wait to see what the community of artists dish out!

Speaking of Suadela, things have been hopping. We get a lot of orders from first timers to pasties, and their application can be confusing to explain. So we made a video! Check it out on our website: http://suadelaintimates.com/blog/pastie-tape-demo/

The big nudity news is...


Purgatory was a nail biting experience, but also really fun. I had such a great time delving into the community while I was up for consideration. I've already made such good friends there. Tomorrow I'm going on a week long trip, but as soon as I'm back I'll be planning my debut set. On the left sidebar, there is a shiny new link to my GodsGirl profile under Find and Friend me. So go find me and friend me already! :)

On the burlesque front, November 17th is the Queen Tribute Show at the Viaduct, presented by Hot & Heavy Burlesque. I'll be strutting out a new act for this one, and the incomparable Kyle Greer singing live as our Freddie Mercury!

For those of you who missed me at the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, catch my Halloween act for the last time this season at the 1901 Gallery's In The Dark Show! I'll be performing on the Saturday date only.

The World of the Weird Monster Show will be coming back from hiatus soon, but until then we're haunting the Wilmette Theatre for LIVE shows! Our Halloween Spooktacular will be back-to-back nights of double features! The first night is RHPS shadowcasting followed by Shaun of the Dead, and the second night is RHPS shadowcasting followed by Ghostbusters! I play the part of Trixie and Rocky. We'll have a frightfully good time, so join us!

I've gotta pack for that 8am flight now. Love you guys, and hope to see you online or off soon! :)

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