Yesterday the high temperature was officially 101 degrees, with a heat index that reached 110 or so. I was keeping cool in the pool. It was beautiful. I think I may actually have gotten a (very slight) tan. I'm so pale on the regular, you can really only tell if you see the tan lines. Which may be visible in the set I'm shooting tomorrow with Syzygy. Much more info on this after the magic happens. Until then please have a peek at my many other sets currently available. Obsession and Cupcake Nyotaimori won't be available forever, and the only way to keep access to them after they're pulled is to vote. Check out my wall for details on bonus material available to those who support, as well! I can't tell you how much I especially adore the top tier bonus images for Classic Lingerie (by SNS Photo). You should see them yourself!

In other Zivity news, I was happy to assist Cruel Valentine with her video component for her submission to the "Fuck You, Mayor Bloomberg!" contest. The prize theme was chosen in Cyan's response to the proposal of placing limitations on soda quantities for sale. There are tons of really wonderful images celebrating the caffeinated and corn syrupy vice. As I said, there is a required video portion, so a few of Valentine's near and dear pals staged a little intervention. We all have our problems, but her soda addiction clearly needed to be addressed. ;)

Things are super hot at Suadela Intimates, too. I just delivered another rockin' pair to Viva La Muerte. This time she gave me the challenge of making a showstopping, purple and silver glittered, Flying V. The head rests on one breast, with the body on the other, a sexy lace neck, and fiber optic "broken" strings as tassels. Yes, these are killer, if I do say so myself. The thing I love about custom orders are the bizarre, unexpected, and creative results. When Viva asks me to make her Hammers or Brick pasties for The Wall or tentacles for her Cthulhu piece, I'm happy to step up. When Lula Houp-Garou needs bird pasties with a wing for a tassel, so they attack her during her burlesque tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, I'm all over it. Sea crabs for a customer on the west coast? Thrilled to take it on. I'm your girl for punchline pasties that make a statement.

This Sunday, Suadela will be trading in our needles for aprons. The 1901 Craft Fairy is on (at 1901 Belmont, entrance on Wolcott) and we're hitting it up bake sale style. Cruel Valentine and I love to eat, and love to bake. Sinful sweets will abound. Come check out the crafters, the great space, and have a treat while you browse everyone's wares. Hours are 3-8pm, so let's see you there!

While we're on the subject of sweet treats too good to be true, the Windy City Burlesque Festival is a mere two weeks away! Headliners include Jo Boobs, Kristina Nekyia, and Coco Lectric --- with special guest, burlesque legend, Tiffany Carter! I'm honored to be in the Saturday midnight showcase, alongside some of the very best burlesque talent Chicago and beyond has to offer. Burlesque audience virgins and super fans alike are sure to be entertained on a grand scale July 12-14 at Stage 773 on Belmont. If you're keen on learning a thing or two from the bevy of beauties, some performers are also teachers, and will be holding classes during the day at both Stage 773 and Vaudezilla Studios. Sign up for a spot now before they're all sold out! Come visit me in the flesh at the Suadela Intimates table in the vendors' room, too.

Another show worth checking out is coming up a week from tomorrow at Lizard's Liquid Lounge. It is a benefit for Mae the Bellydancer, who lost nearly everything in a fire. If you can make it out to support this pillar of the Chicago Burlesque and Bellydance communities, please do. If you can't, please consider floating a small donation to this fund.

Two great new projects are on the horizon! One, I get to go work with SNS Photo again for Zivity, and all else. Last time we banged out three different looks, and I have high hopes for our next creative endeavor. Keep your eyes peeled for the fruits of our labor of love. Two, I have the fabulous privilege of working with Dane101 in Madison, WI again. This September, I'll be back to get my geek on at the aptly titled Geekesque Burlesque! Stay tuned for more information as the event draws near.

One more important tidbit before I run off to glittery projects... Are you and I connected? I love to hear from and about fans & friends. Nothing is quite as entertaining as fanmail, but the easiest way to keep up to date and interact with me is to friend/follow me on social networks. I'm on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Zivity, FetLife, etc. All the links are on the left column here on my site. Let's get together, what do you say? / We can have a swinging time. / We'd be a crazy team. / Why don't we make a scene? Together.

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