Let me start off by telling you all I can about the feature film I've been working on all last month! Principal filming wrapped this week on Dig Two Graves. My role is that of The Muse. Photos of me on set still have a tight lid on them, and likely will for some time to come. There will be a pick up in the spring, and post-production will commence thereafter, so I'm just guessing that the release will be around this time next year. You can get a glimpse of the story and follow the progress of the film website, imdb page, facebook, and twitter.

I had the time of my life working in southern Illinois on location. The scenery used in the film is so impressive. We shot in this fantastic quarry lake, among unbelievable natural formations, in a beautiful cave, and even set up a carnival in the downtown square. My good friend from the burlesque world, Mark, was also cast in the film. I was thrilled to know someone going in, and met so many wonderful new friends. Working alongside Ted Levine was a treat, and so was working scenes with Troy Ruptash, Sami Isler, Dean Evans, and of course, Mark Lancaster. Our makeup, effects, and wardrobe gals were top notch! I will miss being transformed and bouncing around the trailers with them. Our director, Hunter Adams, is simply brilliant and a joy to work with. I'd be a fool not to mention how incredible the entire crew was. I'll certainly not be eating as well without the talents of craft services. Tony, our animal wrangler, was super! I loved working with the pit viper. He rattled a couple of times, but I scooped him up like a baby. He looks like a bad ass, but all he ever really wanted was cuddles.


And now for something completely different...

My second set for GodsGirls went live! I love reading all the comments. :) In case you missed it, the set is called Peepshow!


A new set is shot and in prep right now. I hope to have it submitted sometime next week. It was shot in my hotel room during some downtime before call to set. I'm really digging the aesthetic. It may be my favorite set yet! I'll share a teaser when it is all prepped and ready to submit!

Here are some shots from the two new Zivity sets I've had published since last I blogged. :)

Drop The Needle by Anthropix

In the Randomness Prize

In White

In White by ScaredyLion

In the Top Photography Prize

One new set has graced my photographer profile, and another is on its way soon!

Ti Penso Sempre with Bella Bathory in the New Model Prize

I had a scream of a time at the 1901 Gallery last month. Not only did I get to play my Serenity act to a full house, but I was also presented with a 1901 Damsel trading card of my own! Here is the portrait appearing on each handmade card by E Artist.

Now it is back to the mountain of work piled up in my absence. I have so much catching up to do, but it is all comforting in its own crazy way. Tonight I have rehearsal for tomorrow's Rocky Horror shadow cast.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and to me that means a trip to the Chicago Auto Show! Lastly, things are heating up in the showgirl life. I'm pleased to share that I'll be performing in the first ever Fierce! International Queer Burlesque Festival. I'll be performing one of my favorite acts, Mr Pinstripe Suit!

Love ya, Kittens! xoxo

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