I've been having a blast as a GodsGirl! Last week marked the publishing of my second set on the site. Peepshow was met with fantastic enthusiasm, and I'm very grateful for the stellar community. In case you missed it, here is a teaser:


If you're not a member, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. What I do there is somewhat different than what I bring to Zivity. I love each site equally, for very different reasons. Come on in and see what I mean, for yourself.

Here is a little crossover pride:

Z + GG GodsGirls.com

Zivity. Wow. I don't even know where to begin, really. Here are teasers for the last three sets I've had published:


from Cream by SNS Photo. [Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.]


from the Blue Scarf and the Big Red Chair by ScaredyLion. [Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.]


from Shadowed and Soft by SNS Photo. [Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.]

The big news is that I have found a new way to distribute bonus content, which is offered as a thank you to the fans that support my work, by way of voting on Zivity. I've created a new Zivity Fans Only section of this website. Contained within are downloadable galleries for each voting tier. Individual members have access to what they've unlocked with their votes. Visit my Zivity page for a full list of what is available for which level of support.

So far, the response to this feature is humbling. I love how easy it is to reward my fans, and they've told me how great it is to view the photos online whenever they wish, and how simple it is to download exactly what they want. It makes keeping track of what you have and what you still want to unlock a chinch. You can sign up for your own account, and I'll personally review each application for activation.

If you're already a fan, I simply must give you a huge, public THANK YOU!!! Because of your support and generosity I am currently #96 in the most popular models of all time on Zivity! My goal was by 2013, but hey, when you shoot for the stars and miss, you can still land on the moon. Believe me, I'm over the moon! :) :) :)

In the way of beauties that I've had the pleasure of capturing, Bella Bathory will be making her debut soon.


Also, the long awaited set of Kilala is nearing completion!


Keep an eye out for a set I've taken of Wanda Makeout? as well! I am bursting at the seems to get to editing that one, for sure. Wowzers!

If you're not a member of Zivity, you can unlock any single set for just $2. Those count as votes, and therefore directly support the model and photographer behind that set you wanted to see! If you are a member, then please remember to vote on the sets, models, and photographers you love. Being a fan is such a rewarding experience on Zivity, and it truly keeps us going! Thank you to each of you who made last year a sensational experience, and I greatly look forward to this one being even better!

The press release was posted today, so I can finally share something substantive with you all! Yay! I have been traveling fruequently this month, going on location to shoot a feature film. It is titled Dig Two Graves, and you can follow the production on Facebook and Twitter. My character is something that must be seen to be believed. Many thanks to the entire team, with extra awe to the lovely wizards in the costuming and makeup departments. Everyone, and I mean that in all sincerity, everyone who is involved on this project has been incredible. I am having the time of my life shooting this film, and I could barely contain my glee up to this point on Twitter using #OnLocation.


Lastly, my only burlesque engagement this month will be at the 1901 Gallery for Saturday's rendition of In The Dark. I will be performing a favorite act, which I've done out-of-town before, but will be making its Chicago debut. Come out and see me, if you can!

Until next time, my darlings. Be well. All my lust, -Sauda

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