This entry brought to you by disjointed thoughts and random facts:

*Those rad little cube cubby organizers are the best thing to ever happen to my lingerie/burlesque wardrobe organization.

*January 17th is Betty White's birthday. I love her, have always thought of her as a role model, and am truly grateful for every year we get to keep her on this earth.

*I shot a lovely set with the fabulous MFarring13 on Zivity. If you've not seen it, please do. If you like what you see, please support us as artists by leaving a vote (or two or three or whatever you're comfy contributing). The set is called "Every Cloud has its Silver Lining" and is my first on a seamless backdrop. To some people that's boring, but I feel it really strips away all the distractions and forces me to shine my brightest as a model. It was my first collaboration with this photographer, and he made me feel very at ease. I can't wait to work with him again!

*I have a date set to work with the talented Kriss Abigail for Zivity in the near future. She's been a goldmine of beautiful images in the burlesque trenches, and has created some stunning images with other local burlesque pals. Be sure to stay on the lookout for that collaboration!

*Speaking of Kriss Abigail's professionalism, she got smacked in the head with my undies and kept on shooting at Vaudezilla's Lincoln Fair at Lincoln Tap Room this month! There is no film of this, unfortunately, but there is video of the act up on Vimeo. I'll link to it as well, because this was the triumphant return of White and Nerdy. By far my favorite act to do and continue building on. Our esteemed host, Saucy Jack, and I briefly tossed around the idea of another Weird Al song, and if he ever seriously considers it, my offer stands to duet or backup dance it.

*Visit my contact page for a Google calendar of my upcoming events/appearances. The CliffsNotes version goes like this: Friday, January 20th see me at the Greenhouse Theatre with Kiss Kiss Cabaret! Thursday, January 26th I've an engagement pending with Arkham Noise Productions at Lucky Number Loft for Festival of Flesh! February 9-12 pick up a couple of pasties from Suadela Intimates while taking in Hot & Heavy Burlesque's tribute to The Wall at Stage 773!

*While we're on the subject of pasties and Stage 773, you should know that you can support a sensational show by way of Suadela Intimates. Jeezy's Juke Joint is coming back to Chicago on St. Patty's Day at Stage 773, and a terrific lineup of talent is scheduled. To help make this show a reality, show your support by buying a pair of the Juke Joint Pasties at Suadela. Available in black, red, green, and gold, 75% of the purchase price goes directly to the production! With your help we can import showstoppers such as Perle Noir to this event!

*Getting a warm mist vaporizer was a solid decision for a good night's sleep. If I smell of Vick's Vaporub, just enjoy it, because it helps my breathing tremendously. ;-)

*The 1901 Gallery met their kickstarter goal! I'm so happy their operations drive went well, and I was happy to be apart of the event last Saturday. So many talented artists in this town... I thoroughly enjoyed peers from various different corners of the Chicago scene coming together in such a positive way. I hope we can hold on tight that sense of community with both hands! So artistically refreshing.

*Time to rehearse for the KKC show on Friday! Be there not only for myself, but for Millie May's KKC debut! I can't wait to see what act she does. Every time I see her perform, I get caught up in her effervescent personality. And *shock!* she's gone blonde... and damn, if you liked the Bettie look she had before, wait until you get an eyeful of this Norma Jean thing she's got going on now. *faints*

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