Welcome to the new and improved SaudaNamir.com! Have a look around. More has changed than just the wallpaper. I'm closing out 2012 with a fresh site and a whole lot of goodies. A quick tour: Home is a fun new landing page. About contains my bio and contact info. Nesting under About is Social; where you'll find my appearance calendar, twitter feed, wishlist and newsletter sign up form. Modeling splits into Zivity, GodsGirls, and Portfolio... all filled with teasers to whet your appetites for more. Burlesque is sorted by my most popular acts, and contains selections of both photo and video all in one place. Finally I've added a section for my Zivity photography, and showcase what I'm up to behind the lens. Of course, you're already here at the blog, with a full archive of the last three years. At the bottom of every page is a menu of other sites to find and friend me on. I hope you enjoy the new look!

What have I been up to, aside from all this? Glad you asked.

I have had 3 NEW sets go live on Zivity!


"You Can't Resist Us, Mr Powers" by MFarring13


"An Intimate Morning" by Khoos

Rhinestone by MFarring

"Rhinestone" by MFarring13

I had my GodsGirls debut set "Neapolitan" go live, as well!


I've already shot another set for GodsGirls, and am awaiting my publishing date for it! Awaiting publishing is actually what I'm doing a lot of right now. In the past few weeks, I've shot with four different photographers and have more than a half dozen sets in post production. It was a whirlwind, but I'm more than giddy over the results! You can bet I'll have a teaser of all the goods for you as soon as possible.

Speaking of teasers, here is a peek at my newest collaboration with SNS Photo.


I've also been shooting lots of sets as a photographer for Zivity. "WoW" with Mewtinie is in the New Model Prize contest going on right now. I highly recommend you unlock this or sign in to vote! She's a knockout, and I'd love for her to take top honors in this prize. I've just gotta get her in front of my lens again. I have too many ideas!


More sets with the likes of Kilala, Bella Bathory, and Wanda Makeout? are in the works. Editing is a long process for me, since I can't go on editing marathons thanks to propensity for migraines. Or you could bet that I'd be shooting twice as often!

Several of my darling fans have sent me lovely items from my wish list. I can't possibly convey just how delighted I am to have such giving, thoughtful, and wonderful people supporting my art. You neverk now when they'll turn up in a set or a part of a burlesque act! Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, may it be safe and bright! I'm an agnostic, so I am looking forward to ringing in the New Year. Hopefully with a glass of champagne in my hand, a kiss on my lips, and little else. ;)

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