Follow the click trail. I've added a new YouTube Channel. There I will keep all the World of the Weird Monster Show uploads of me in a playlist.

There is a new video of an Exit Burlesque performance shot by Vaudezilla Productions on my Vimeo channel. It is a very slow and straight forward strip to Nina Simone's "I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl".

I'm excited to announce that my little deal with Red Hot Annie and Vaudezilla for has come to fruition. Want to know what exactly we've cooked up? Go right on over to and have yourself a peek. You'll need to take a little bit of patience with you. If you're too impatient just have it spelled out on Red Hot Annie's blog.

I'm currently watching Fox's The Chicago Code, and I've gotta say, I don't hate it. It may be a more entertaining background noise for blogging in between House and Castle.

Time to make dinner though. Spicy peanut chicken for the tasty win.

Let's do this in bullet points!

  • I'm making banana bread in my oven right this minute. It smells amazing! Yum.
  • My hair has a fresh new look as of last night. You should see it. Speaking of which...
  • If you want to see my snazzy new hair and an act too, I'm in the first act, so get there early for a good seat!
  • We've added a hot model at Suadela, and if you haven't seen her yet, you're missing out. Her name is Rosemary Maybe, and her star is on the rise in Chicago. A veteran of Rocky Horror shadowcasts, she's started performing burlesque. If you went to The Wall at the Viaduct Theatre, then you know she's got the va-va-va-voom.

  • Went to the Chicago Auto Show today. Overall I'm impressed with the few new things that will be hitting the market. As always there were some cars to be mocked mercilessly *cough*LexusCT200h*cough*, while others - like the Ford Mustang Boss 302 - make me a little wet in the panties. As soon I copy the pictures over to the computer, you can be sure I'll post at least a few of the hot (car) bodies I got to drool over today.
  • If you've been living under a rock, then you haven't heard I'm dancing in the Windy City Burlesque Festival 2011. Friday, March 18th at Midnight is my timeslot. I plan to knock your spats off!

That's all for now, my lovlies. xoxo!

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