I have SO much going on I don't know where to start. I don't have much time to spend online because it is rehearsals, appointments, crafting, orders, costuming, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat! Here's the skinny:

Show Schedule:

*Breast Mardi Gras Ever! at Underground Wonder Bar

*Festival of Flesh presented by Arkham Noise Productions

*Kiss Kiss Cabaret at the Greenhouse Theater Center

*Suadela Intimates at March Craft Fairy at The 1901 Gallery Theatre

*Suadela Intimates at Jeezy's Juke Joint at Stage 773

*Saturday's In the Dark at 1901 Belmont

*HER HRC goes Va-Va-Vaudeville at Mayne Stage

*Termination Tease presented by Hot and Heavy Burlesque

As always, keep up to date on upcoming performances by visting the social page of my site. You can even subscribe to my appearances G-calendar!

Quick moment of mind ventilation below: Brought to you by random and disjointed thoughts.

I love Mardi Gras. Mostly because I go completely off anything resembling a balanced diet, in favor of sampling as many flavors as possible of the magical seasonal pastry called Paczki. I'm really happy that the event I'm dancing tomorrow night is a charitable fundraiser for breast cancer - that is in no way affiliated with Susan G Komen, I might add! Bonus points to anyone coming out to this show tomorrow night who mentions "Sauda Namir" at the door. If they know who sent you, they're more likely to have me back to show my ass off. We're keeping track for friendly competition. My grandmother lost a breast to cancer, and I hope with enough research and early detection nobody else has to worry about their life and go through what she did. There are a lot of diseases that cause untold numbers to suffer, and I urge you to donate in whatever way you can to a charity, touching a cause in your life, that is invested in real and meaningful research and solutions.

Suadela is working to accept credit cards at a live event near you! Hot & Heavy's tribute to The Wall was such a blast, that we can't wait to be back at Stage 773 for the Juke Joint and for the Windy City Burlesque Festival vendor's room. We've also got the lab brewing a fine new product up, and it is in beta testing right now with a few hand selected performers about town. Business has been booming, and we've now sold to 4 out of 6 (penguins don't have internet, so Antarctica doesn't count) continents. A little action from Asia and South America would be nice! ha!

I've got a special staycation with the love of my life planned for this weekend, and I cannot wait! Just the time out from work that I'll need to carry me through the month of March which is full up on modeling sessions. Thank goodness I'm in physical therapy to get my back straightened out. One helps the other, you know? I am strengthening my back to stand taller, and that helps all the dancing and modeling. The dancing and modeling beat me up a bit, and physical therapy combined with massage and chiropractic adjustments get me on the rebound.

My new sewing machine is really slick. I love the features I've used so far, and there are so many functions this little whiz can do! With a pinch of time and practice, I think I'm on my way to new glitter and glam on a shoestring. The idea of custom is lovely, but unless you're doing it yourself it has the price tag to match. I upcycle a good portion of my burlesque wardrobe from off the rack finds, which I think is fine for what it is. I'm not of the opinion that 100% of every stitch a performer wears must be custom designed and handcrafted, but it helps to have something that nobody else does. Which makes me really excited about THE act of my year. More time has been sunk into this one than any other, and I believe I'm still about three months away from unveiling it. Trust me, as soon as I can let this Top Secret cat outta the bag, I'll let you know where and when to see it first!

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