So I didn't update in March? Really? Sorry about that. I guess I've just been that busy! When it seems I've fallen off the Earth, just check my show schedule to see where you can catch me. I'm always on Facebook and Twitter, so friend and follow me. Now, where did we leave off?

The Juke Joint at Stage 773 was an inspirational night of the finest damn performers one room could hold. I am so pleased to witniss such an event, and to have supported the production. If you'd like a token and to support the continuing mission of my good pal, Jeez Loueez, pick up a pair of Suadela's Juke Joint Glitter Pasties in gold, green, red, or black.

HER HRC at Mayne Stage was a success and so much fun. I adore the talent that I had the pleasure of spending my evening with, and the venue is unparalleled. Suadela was so pleased to be on hand to vend at the event, and assist the HRC with production of the entertainment. Thanks to everyone involved with this night out!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of joining a bevy of beauties with Viva La Muerte's Hot & Heavy Burlesque for Termination Tease at Stage 773. It was an epic night of massively entertaining women. I premiered a new act for the occasion to the tune of the KidneyTheives' S&M. It was a tribute act to Secretary, one of my favorite movies featuring the gorgeous Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'm awaiting photos from both this event and Boob Tube burlesque at the 1901 Gallery Theatre's In The Dark series. Saturday night I swept up my hair into the oh-so-famous 'do of Lucille Ball for an I Love Lucy act. The dress for which was painstakingly handcrafted myself. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and can't wait to show you all the flowing yards upon yards of fabric in action.

My weekend was rounded out by working with a photographer I'd had the pleasure of connecting with on Model Mayhem. Carbon Based Photos and I spend Sunday afternoon together swapping geek cred, talking at great length about our cats, laughing and making some beautifully artistic images happen. He's got a gift for capturing *that* instant. The moment between candid and posed. It was a challenge in the very best sense. I'm quite pleased with the results, and as soon as the images are ready, you can bet I'll show them off!

Speaking of nudie pics, two very exciting things have happened on Zivity! One, I got myself a photographer account under the name Namir. Doesn't that make it nice and simple? Sauda for the model profile, Namir for the photographer side. So, my very first set was accepted from behind the lens, and it is of my business partner and full time beauty on the inside and out, Cruel Valentine. The set is titled Communiqué. Please go check it out, and give her a warm welcome in the form of comments and votes on her set! As a model, I've had a new set go live as well. It is titled Classic Lingerie, and was accepted into Editorial Picks! SnS Photo captured all that white-hot sex appeal, and I'm over the moon about how it turned out. He's new to Zivity too; so happy he joined up so keep that welcome wagon rolling! The published set itself is something I'm really proud of, and the incentive photos are truly special. They must be seen - there is no describing them - and votes are your ticket to do so. I'm offering them on a scale as outlined on my model wall. The top tier is worth every penny and then some!

I have the best friends and fans. Love and thanks to everyone who has made the various events possible. Several photos have just been added to the gallery section, as well. A special thanks to Tim Mathias for the flattering artwork he crafted. The next weekend extravaganza will be May 11th and 12th. Friday I'll be returning to the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, and Saturday I'll cross the border for Trek Wars (geek burlesque show) in Madison, WI. Very excited to take this show on the road!

I made some pretty rad falafel for dinner, relaxed for an hour with chiropractic care, and got home in time to pop in an episode of Firefly due to Castle not being aired tonight (I'm a Nathan Fillion junkie!). Tomorrow I'll be at the FetLife TNGC munch. If you're into that jazz, maybe I'll see you there, or on the site. Find me easily... member name is Sauda.


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